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Celebrate Spring with a Cupcake Kit   Sorry, we are out of kits. 

Celebrate the arrival of the new season. The Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group is offering is offering cupcake kits for families to decorate as a way to welcome spring from the comfort of home. 

Kits are free, but we have limited supplies, so sign up as soon as possible. 

Register to pick up your kit at one of two neighbourhood locations on March 31 or April 1, 2020. 

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Register for your kit today!

Girl Meets World Workshop Series

This free, virtual workshop series will feature engaging topics including STEM, art, animation and menstrual health. Christine Kwok, animator in the newest Scooby Do movie is a featured guest speaker. Learn more.

Girl Power Poster

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Past Events

Girl Power Conference

This day-long event, aimed at girls and female-identifying individuals, will offer a range of activities and discussion topics that will allow participants to connect with each other. Learn more.

Girl Power Poster

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Sticky Science. Make your own glue from food products and test them to see how they hold. Create your own sticky art. And of course, there will be silly putty.

Up, Down, All Around. Discover the science behind a magic trick, defy gravity by creating a balancing bird, and engineer an elastic racer to chase down Newton's Laws. We'll be on the move!

Candy Chemistry. Discover the surprising science hiding in a bag of Skittles. Explore solubility, buoyancy, and reactivity. Plus, investigate the odds of finding your favourite colour. How sweet it is!