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Summer Camp Staff 2024

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Meet our dynamic camp team

Join us on a summer adventure full of friends, fun and surprise activities. Hop on over to our camp registration page, or read more about our staff below.

Camp Supervisor
My name is Lauren and I am SUPER excited to be spending the summer with you all! I have been with GHENG since I was a camper, then moved on to LIT (Leader in Training), then to Camp Leader. Now, here I am as Supervisor! I am very excited to go on outdoor adventures and get creative with some arts and crafts to ensure that everyone has a summer filled with fun, learning, and friendship! If I could choose a special superpower it would be the ability to make any food or drink appear out of thin air with a snap of my fingers. Imagine never having to wait in line for your favourite ice cream, instantly conjuring up a perfectly cooked pizza during a picnic, or surprising friends with an endless supply of popcorn during movie night. Plus, it would be a fantastic trick that never fails to impress. I look forward to meeting you all and making great memories at camp this summer!
Camp Leader
Hi everyone! This will be my second year as a camp counselor, and one of many summers I have spent at Grange, having been an LIT and a camper. I love sports and crafts, and am really looking forward to having lots of fun at camp this summer. My goal for this year is to make lots of great memories with everyone at camp!
Camp Leader/LIT Coordinator
Hello everyone! I'm an LIT coordinator/Camp Leader partnered with Matthew. I love sports, music and weightlifting. I have been a part of this camp for many years, being a LIT and camp counsellor. My goal is to provide leadership and compassion to all. Super excited for another amazing summer.
Camp Leader/LIT Coordinator
Hi everyone, my name is Matthew and I am an LIT Coordinator alongside Brayden this summer at Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group. With my many experiences here at GHENG first as an LIT and as a camp counselor, my goal is to provide an experience for future leaders which will allow them to build new skills towards becoming a better person. I am super excited to hang out with you all this summer and can’t wait to get started!
Camp Leader
Hi everyone, my name is Sam. This is my second year as a camp leader but not my first year being involved with GHENG. I was a camper for a few years and then an LIT. Each year I enjoy getting to know new campers, and spending time with returning children. I love being outside and playing games such as "Everyone is it tag" and "Capture the flag." I love playing sports and being on teams, but basketball is definitely my favorite. Looking forward to making great memories at camp this summer.
Camp Leader - Inclusion
Hey, my name is Samuel but most people call me Sam! I love soccer, hitting the gym, and those quick ramen cups (except the three minutes I have to wait for them to cook ). At camp, I'm here to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun. At the end of the summer, I want everyone to have something exciting to tell their friends about camp. Oh, and I’m not supposed to say this but at midnight, I become Batman! (picture coming soon)