Fundraiser brings in dough

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Preschool pizza fundraiser a win-win, whichever way you slice it

In addition to being fantastic with kids, our Preschool Program leads are superb at marketing, organizing and handling tight deadlines.

Melissa Dale recently put her skills to work by coordinating a pizza fundraiser with fellow preschool program participants and volunteers. Over the holidays, the team sold almost 130 pizza kits. It was a great way for families to stock up on ‘za for school lunches, quick dinners and a handy Super Bowl snack. 

The $762.00 received will support neighbourhood-run preschool and youth programs. A portion will also be put toward neighbourhood food cupboard initiatives.

Birthday cake kits in the works

“One thing we are trying to create is a birthday kit program for low income families,” Dale explains. “Parents tell us they don’t always have the means to make a cake to celebrate special occasions.”

There is often little choice or availability when it comes to baking supplies at food bank locations. To help fill this gap, birthday kits will include a selection of cake mix, candles, icing and cupcake trays.

“The cake kits will help free some funds for parents to purchase a present,” says Dale. “We know the kits will also bring a smile to kids’ faces on their special day.”

Another way to contribute:

While pizza sales have closed, you still may contribute via Canada Helps (you can apply your donation to the Grange Hill East neighbourhood group).