Adverse Childhood Experiences: Online Training Available

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What are Adverse Childhood Experiences?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are high-stress events that may occur when a child is growing up. Some of these are so traumatic they have long-lasting effects. ACEs can affect mental and physical health well into adulthood.

But not everyone who experiences toxic stress in childhood must bear the burden of early trauma to this extent. Building awareness, nurturing healthy relationships and practicing self-care are a few of the many ways these risks can be reduced, and even overcome.

The Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition has been instrumental in forming an ACES Coalition in Guelph and Wellington. This group is striving to help build a resilient community capable of preventing and reducing the effects of ACEs.

The ACEs Coalition has designed the training modules to offer a better understanding of ACEs and how they can be addressed. These modules are open to all (link below).

Link to Wellington Dufferin Public Health ACEs Factsheet

ACEs Primer

This five minute video offers a brief introduction to ACEs.

ACEs Coalition Training Module

This training module takes approximately 5 to 8 hours to complete. Open the link in Chrome for the best experience. An e-certificate is available upon training completion.

Additional Resources

ACEs Infographic
Centre on the Developing Child – Harvard University