Volunteering With the Grange Hill East Neighbourhood Group

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! 
We depend on the generosity of volunteers like you to run events, offer programs, provide support services and more to individuals and families in the Grange Hill East Neighbourhood. We have opportunities for everyone to get involved at all ages and with any skills or abilities! We are committed to providing you with meaningful volunteer positions that match your interests and work with your schedule.

Please fill out an application to help us make sure you get the most out of your involvement!

Pdf Format: GHENG Volunteer Form 2018 
Docx Format: GHENG Volunteer Form 2018
Hard copies are available at the office: 519-836-9427

Please email your application to info@gheng.ca or drop it off during office hours.

After receiving your application, our Neighbourhood Support Worker will contact you to set up a time to meet for a volunteer introduction.

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Examples of available volunteer roles: 

  • Leadership Team volunteers: Be a part of the decision making process behind our neighbourhood group! Join us once a month to decide where to focus our energy based on community issues & needs.
  • Food Cupboard volunteers – Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm or Saturdays 9-10am
  • Event volunteers / Dance volunteers 
  • Fundraising Committee volunteers – To keep our events & programs running we depend on fundraising throughout the year & your creative ideas to make it happen!
  • Events Committee volunteers – Do you enjoy the summer picnic, movie nights, community information nights? Join this committee to help us organize fun community building events throughout the year!
  • Annual Drives volunteers – Backpack, Food, Winter Coat and Boot
  • Program Assistants – Job Description: Program Assistant Volunteer Position

Please let us know if you have any questions about any of the roles above: info@gheng.ca

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Leadership Team Positions


  • Staff supervision – neighbourhood support worker (emails, monthly meetings)
  • Leadership Meetings- chairing, preparing agendas, reviewing minutes
  • Newsletter- provide direction to the NSW and final review
  • Inquires-school, city, businesses, general public
  • NSC- back-up attendance at NSC board meetings
  • Events- attendance at GHENG events

Finance Chair

  • Meetings- coordinating the annual budgeting meeting, report at each Leadership team meeting
  • Spreadsheets-track money being spent (reconciling receipts submitted with spreadsheet), money available in budgets
  • Allocation-take the lead on the allocation submission, assign tasks, arrange any meetings required to complete submission, submit final version, attend allocation
  • Banking – responsible for the cheque book, co-signer on the account, arranging for signatures from other co-signers on all cheques, ensures petty cash is available at the community room, replenishing as needed.

Event Chair

  • Point of contact for all GHENG event questions/ideas
  • Meetings- chair and keep notes for all organizing meetings
  • Volunteer Recruitment/Management – soliciting volunteers, assigning duties, coordinating volunteers
  • Budgeting- managing the budget for each event, coordinating the submission of receipts and preparing a final spreadsheet
  • Forms/Authorization- tracking and submitting any documentation required for events i.e. public health, use of space requests

Program Chair/Summer Camp Chair

  • Staff Supervision- neighbourhood programmer (emails, monthly meetings)
  • Staff Recruitment- March Break Camp Staff, Summer Camp Staff, Programmer and Assistant Programmer as needed
  • Budget-managing the budget for the various programs, coordinating the submission of receipts, managing the entire summer camp budget-field trips, staffing, supplies
  • Meetings – organizing and chairing the summer camp organizing committee
  • Sourcing – assisting with the sourcing and purchasing of supplies/snacks for programs (with staff supervision)

Outreach Chair

  • Connect with neighbours in GHENG requiring assistance, who are interested in getting involved or who would benefit from assistance
  • Meetings – organize, chair and keep notes for all outreach meetings
  • Staff Coordination – Back pack drive, Salvation Army Hamper drive, Tax Clinic, events
  • Budgeting – managing the budget for all events and coordinating the submission of receipts and preparing a final spreadsheet, manage food cupboard budget
  • Food Cupboard – working with the food cupboard coordinator to manage supplies, arrange for purchases to be made, ensure volunteer schedule is made and volunteers are available

Garden Chair 

  • Meetings – Act as the lead for the garden committee, and coordinate meetings of the group
  • Schedule – Coordinate with the help of the committee the garden opening and closings.  Organize the turning of the soil, measuring of plots, watering schedule, clearing of the plots, weeding/composting locations
  • Source out plants for the food cupboard plot, if allotting a plot
  • Contact Person – explain ‘rules’ of the garden, collect payment and assign plot location, be available to field questions and receive/provide feedback
  • Finances – Manage the garden budget
  • Marketing – Provide information to the Neighbourhood Support Person for the GHENG newsletter
  • Liaise – with the Poverty Elimination Taskforce (monthly meetings) and the City of Guelph on Community Garden topics
  • Events – Assist in the organization of the Harvest Social in the fall

Please drop by the office or get in touch to discuss volunteer opportunities further: info@gheng.ca or 519-836-9427