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The Seed Market!

The Community Food Markets are a weekly affordable fresh food market, aimed at increasing the accessibility (both physical and financial) of good food for everyone in Guelph.

Our items are priced on a sliding scale, with the top amount equivalent to retail value, and the lower amount as cheap as we can sustainably offer (often 30-50% below retail prices). You pay whatever feels right for you within the range listed.

We pair the market with kitchen activities  whenever possible, and offer free coffee/tea and a community space to anyone who stops by. We are hoping to break down social isolation and income divide in the Guelph community through this space, so come join us!

Everyone is always welcome! Paying the mid to retail end of the scale subsidizes the cost for others in our community who benefit from the lower end of the scale. By shopping at the market, you are directly contributing to an equity-based food system.

For more information, contact Jen, at or call/text (519)820-9576.